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Offering High-Quality Cleaning

(Without breaking the bank)

Professional Staff

Owned and operated in Tooele County;  Big Jim's staff includes IICRC-certified professionals who go above and beyond from the moment you call us. Our company is built on a foundation of customer service. By calling Big Jim's Carpet Cleaning, you can rest assured that you are working with the best. 


Big Jim's carpet cleaning uses a PH balance process which leaves a natural citrus scent and is child and pet friendly. Leaving your carpet refreshed and smelling great. Big Jim's also uses a Hepa filter vacuum system. Whatever we pull out of your carpet goes straight into our machine and not into your air. 

Fair Prices

"Quality clean without breaking the bank", that's our motto. We offer free estimates and we only charge for the surface areas we actually work with (example: a 200 sq ft room may only have 100 sq ft of carpet to be cleaned when we consider the furniture that may be in place). Since our crews are local and do not need to drive in from Salt Lake City, our costs are lower and our prices reflect that.

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